British Columbia Life

The Cost of a Used Shovel

When we moved from southern Alberta to BC in 2015, we moved to Langley as we had rented a very lovely Rancher on a beautiful acreage.  We thought it might be a gentler adjustment for us small-town folk.  I remember in December, our first winter there, my husband Ward texting me saying 'It's snowing!'  Actually… Continue reading The Cost of a Used Shovel


Grandma’s Dumbwaiter

What a pleasure today was!  I had the utter privilege of spending time with my lovely cousin Linda, and her sweet hubby, Gerry.  They were visiting Gerry's daughter in Vancouver; well no, actually they were helping her move, and I'm sure some visiting occurred as well. It was quite funny when I was waiting for them,… Continue reading Grandma’s Dumbwaiter