Flowerbed Complete!

Thank you God for a beautiful weekend.  And for my husband who was willing to give up a gorgeous 'working-on-the-car-day' to 'fixing-the-flowerbeds-for-my-wife-day'.   (Happy wife, happy life!)  🙂 It was a little cool and cloudy and breezy in the morning, so Ward did get to work on his car a little bit.  I told him I… Continue reading Flowerbed Complete!

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Oh Goody…Flowerbed / Tier Repairs

Last week was a stellar week!  Went Monday, because it was raining, to pick up landscape ties, rebar, and nails...and last Wednesday was the day.  The day I started digging out the dirt in our 2nd tier of our 4 tier flowerbeds and actually it wasn’t too bad! It only took me an hour and… Continue reading Oh Goody…Flowerbed / Tier Repairs