Hello! My name is Sandra Reid and I love to write.  My husband and I moved from Alberta in May of 2015 to the beautiful province of British Columbia, and we LOVE it here!  Ward and I are basically still newlyweds…5 years this June.  I have three children:  daughter Bethany, the oldest who lives in BC; my middle child (first-born son Curtis and his wife Rena, and my HANDSOME grandson Wyatt, who live in Alberta, and my third-born, Corey who also lives in Alberta.

I enjoy a variety of things.  For many years I worked two jobs and kind of put on hold some of my interests until the seasons of my life changed.  I have always enjoyed writing, but usually  wrote for business/work purposes.  I’m hoping to change that.  My original intention when moving to BC was to open a Gift Shop, but quickly abandoned that idea when real estate and thus, lease rates, went through the roof.  I then decided to attend Farmers Markets to get some exposure.  They were a lot of fun…a lot of work…but a lot of fun.  I do enjoy crafting…not glitter…and not mod podge…more on that later! 🙂  I enjoy working with wood, and recently have started to do some small home renovations.  More on that later as well.

I LOVE to garden, so you will see future blogs about our yard progress.  I love to read, probably because I love words.  I love ‘sayings’, I love funny posts, I am EXTREMELY sarcastic…so when you read my blogs be aware, some things are ‘meant’ to be funny, and hopefully you take it that way.