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Lego…For Adults

I know my grandson, my kids, my nieces and nephews, and my soon to be niece’s husband (so is that like a nephew-in-law?) will appreciate this Blog.

Along our driveway we had a fence…that was not well secured…that fell over and hit my SUV…the fence came out.


However, we still needed something to keep the dirt contained on the sloped area of the flowerbed along the driveway.  Before we had removed the bark, which I talked about in my post Gardening…Just Another Day at the Plant, bark tended to drizzle down onto the cement which we unknowingly collected on our shoes and distributed to various locations in the house which also gave the dog something else to chew on and strew about.  Oh good grief.

As you can tell in the picture above, the cement blocks alongside the driveway were a bit wonky.  Yes, wonky is a technical term…for me.  My husband said we should probably pull those out and level them…(that doesn’t sound like fun) to which I responded, “No, it’ll be fine.”  Famous last words…

Now this is where the Lego comes in!  Or flowerbed edging.  I purchased this at Home Depot, and it works pretty good.  The bottom piece with the round circles that looks just like Lego, is laid first and secured with stakes, and then the top piece, which has corresponding holes underneath line up with the round circles below, is added and also staked.  Sounds simple!  Its not.


It’s not simple because I had envisioned just laying it down, staking it in, bada-boom, bada-bing, done like dinner.  No.  The following realizations occurred to me in mid-construction:  “The ground is uneven Sandra.  You need to get the level Sandra.  You need to add dirt, remove dirt, add more dirt Sandra.  Don’t hammer the stake in until it’s level as it’s a pain in the patootie to get them out.”  And so began 4 episodes of installing the driveway edging.  One by myself, one with my husband’s help, and 2 again by myself.  The multiple episodes were due to the extreme heat we experienced, and I just couldn’t be in the sun that long.  30 to 34 degrees.  Too hot for this pale skinned red-head.

The first time I laid the base edging it looked like a snake’s back.  My husband suggested we use a 2 x 4 as a base and secure the edging to it to make it easier to level and keep the edging straight.  And he was right.  (Notice I said my husband was right…this won’t be the first time this is mentioned in this Blog.) 😉  It also brought the edging up a bit higher which would help hold the dirt back.  So I removed the snake, I mean edging, and we did that.  We required 2, 2 x 4’s, to reach the full length of the driveway and of course the second one was badly twisted but it worked.  Adding the 2 x 4’s also meant I needed to drill a hole through the wood to accommodate the stake for the base edging.  This actually was great as it added a little more strength to the edging system.  It’s a good thing my husband has all the tools in the entire world, as I needed an extension for the drill to be able to drill down through the base edging and into the wood.

On my next attempt I realized my husband was right about straightening the cement blocks…yes, I said my husband was right, AGAIN.  So, in two go-rounds, I pulled most of the blocks out and leveled them and it looked so much better.

Finished…finally…it took about two weeks…and 4 goes, but it’s done.



Then, THEN, my husband says, “You know, I think we need to put edging around the entire flowerbed as I can’t get grass to grow in some spots, and it would give you more flowerbed area.  Plus, I wouldn’t have to weed eat right up against your plants.”  Not today Dear, probably not tomorrow…maybe in the fall, or spring of 2097.  😉

“Just A Little Something,”  I’m glad is finished.


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