Deer Reconnaissance

17 days.  17 days since I have written a Blog.  No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  It was spring and then summer now, and I am in my yard.  And loving almost every minute of it.  Wait till you see some of my projects.  But first…

Oh boy…I love animals…I love to see them in the wild, in the city, but not…in my yard munching on my hard work. 😦  Rocky and I have quite a system.  I see the deer, I call the dog, and he thinks he’s a Rottweiler.  Oh my goodness, it is so funny.

So not exactly a Rottweiler

All we managed to do was deter them while we were outside, and then the minute our backs were turned they marched right in like they own the place!  Therefore a plan of defense needed to be established.  One…block off the holes in our Cedar trees where they seem to think it’s their own personal gateway…which, basically, it is.


This is the back left corner of our yard, or the southeast corner.  Don’t ya love the board I stuck there?  It did deter them for a bit…something different which kind of spooks them.


This is an opening in the back…that rock retaining wall is the neighbours behind us.


Southwest corner of the yard.  Again, the brick retaining wall is the neighbours behind us…and they throw a lot of yard trash down behind it, which tends to creep into our trees…like this dead tree…which I have since removed. 🙂

Bethany, my daughter was sweet enough to loan me her fencing she used for her bunnies.  (Don’t worry, she no longer has the bunnies, they aren’t running rampant in her house).  These are actually X-pens you would use for dogs.


Bethany had suggested zip-ting two of them together (or more) to make a screen, so that’s what I did and I also staked them into the ground.  I also purchased two English Ivy’s to have something ‘evergreen’ in the space and cover the fencing.

Southeast corner



Back area



Southwest corner – There is a vine that grows here which I just pulled over the fencing

I am happy to report the vines are growing…however, the deer have now decided to just push through ANY small opening in the Cedar trees…oh joy…so, I continue to add additional fencing and thinking about using the chicken wire we purchased.  I don’t really enjoy using chicken wire, so I’m procrastinating.  Most of the plants I put in are deer resistant but it doesn’t stop them from eating the Hydrangea or Rhododendrons leaves.  Poor things.  The plants, not the deer.  😉

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