Planting, Planting, Planting…

Hello everyone!  Yes, it’s been awhile.  I have been in my yard…in my front yard, in my back yard, IN MY YARD.  I don’t even hurt that bad…today anyway.  😉

In 3 of my previous posts I promised some updated pictures…so pictures you will get.  (If you missed the previous blogs, you can find those here:  Gardening…Just Another Day at the Plant, Oh Goody…Flowerbed / Tier Repairs, and Flowerbed Complete!  The plants don’t look like much now, because they are small, but eventually they’ll fill in the space.




I had already planted my 101 or 102 plants, therefore after the flowerbed tier was complete I needed to move plants as I basically stuck the extras in anywhere they would fit.  And so, I moved plants…and then I moved plants again as some weren’t doing very well…and then I bought some more plants (as my husband suggested we needed more colour)…I think I’m up to 115 now…and then moved plants again as I didn’t like how it looked (my colours were screwy).  A few more…

Then I moved original plants on the side slope as we were going to relocate our Hydrangeas, however we waited too long so now that has become a Fall job.  Whew!  All that in between weeding, ripping up landscape fabric (and no, that is still not complete), and watering.  It has been HOT here…28 to 31.  I basically spent my very early mornings watering in order to save my newly acquired plants.  I am happy to report, there has only been 1 fatality.  🙂

I wanted to show how steep the back is, once you get past the tiers and rock wall.

The bare area in the picture on the right is where we plan to move our Hydrangeas.  They get quite large which would fill in the area nicely.  From this area I took some of the original Bleeding Hearts, a few Heucharas, and something that looks sort of like a native strawberry plant crossed with an Alberta Rose, (yeah…I really know my plants), and a few Chamomile that I seeded last year (that survived) and moved them to areas along the back against the Cedar trees to help hold the bank.   Again…they don’t look like much now, but hopefully it fills in and provides some erosion control.

A mystery plant on the left, and the tall things are Heucharas.  Or weeds…not sure.
Skinny, scrawny Camomile…that even bloomed!
And little teeny, tiny plants, tucked in the back…kinda like a wild strawberry.  Hmmm…we will see.

And a few more tier pictures and again, you can see how high it is.


And a few of my favourites:


I love this fern! An original plant.
Before the Poppies bloomed
Look at those buds…don’t look at my husband’s painting area 😉
And the Poppies!

I had to tie up my poor Poppies as it rained (thankfully) which makes the poppies heavy and then they fall over.  Plus I keep stepping on the leaves as they lean down along our walking tier.  I did a terrible job…it was raining…so I will have to tidy that up.

Lupines…who doesn’t love Lupines!

And that’s all folks…for today.  I have about 4 other projects to show you that I’ve been working on, but that’s for another day.  Apparently we’re suppose to get rain showers off and on this coming weekend and following week, so perhaps I will get some writing done.

Oh, wait!  2 more pictures…


So I watched this ant carrying a dead ant…I know, you’re all surprised as to why I can’t get my blogs written. 😉


And Rocky…he didn’t even want to get up…”Mom, do we have to get up at 5:00 A. M.?”  Yep, we’ve got gardening to do!

‘Just A Little Something’ that I’ve been up to.

2 thoughts on “Planting, Planting, Planting…”

  1. I have somehow missed some of your blogs, and they always make me laugh! Your yard is looking awesome! Jealous! Keep up the good work!


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