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Tea With My Girl

I know it’s after Mother’s Day, but I had to share the marvelous Tea my daughter made for me.  It was phenomenal!

We had planned to have it in a Park on Mother’s Day, however the weather was a little too unsettled to risk rain dampening our parade.  Besides the fact that Bethany would have to haul half her house to the Park.  Therefore she held it at her home and I was welcomed with a hug and a kiss, a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting, and entered to the sounds of soothing music and fantastic smells emanating from her kitchen.  What a delight!

She had set the table with a linen table cloth, and white china, complete with place cards, pink napkins, and beautiful pink Gerber Daisies!  One of my favourites!  And just to brag how talented she is, she made her own 3 tiered cake stand as used in High Tea, as I learned from my post


You will also notice a gift bag…it held a beautiful little swing for my Fairy Garden!  Love it!  As a souvenir I also took home the napkin complete with a little doily and secured with a pink ribbon used to wrap the cutlery.  (I left the cutlery though 😉  I did use the napkin placed under my plate…I’m not a total barbarian.

The Menu included:  Spinach Salad with orange slices, cranberries, pecans, feta cheese and poppy seed dressing (I love salads with nuts and cranberries); Finger Sandwiches – egg salad (my favourite), cucumber dill, and strawberry basil (both of which were very delicious); Tea Scones with lemon drizzle (lemon is also my favourite…see a pattern here?) complete with homemade clotted cream and raspberry jam (our own homemade jam).  Dessert consisted of Lemon Raspberry Tartlets, which is homemade short crust shells, filled with homemade lemon curd topped with a gigantic raspberry (raspberries are my favourite fruit); Strawberries with homemade Cheesecake topping, and a selection of Dark Chocolates (also my favourite).  And last but not least, Earl Grey Tea, why of course!




What fun we had!  We feasted, we chatted, we sipped, then sampled,  chatted and sipped some more.  It was absolutely lovely.  After I rolled into the living room, we continued with chatting and sipping, no more tasting, until, alas, it was time to take my leave.  (I’m trying to sound so regal and refined, however, I think my use of the word ‘rolled’ is a dead give-away that I’m not!)

My daughter went to such work baking the weekend before, shopping the Friday, and cooking Saturday, and preparing all the final touches Sunday.  Thank you so much Bethany for a most enjoyable Mother’s Day.  I felt truly spoiled and special.  Love you my girl.


“Just A Little Something” I was blessed with.



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