Flowerbed Complete!

Thank you God for a beautiful weekend.  And for my husband who was willing to give up a gorgeous ‘working-on-the-car-day’ to ‘fixing-the-flowerbeds-for-my-wife-day’.   (Happy wife, happy life!)  🙂

It was a little cool and cloudy and breezy in the morning, so Ward did get to work on his car a little bit.  I told him I would haul up the ties…I needed to do a workout anyway!  30 trips later…ties were up, re-bar was up, and the tools were in place…and my knees were sore.  😦  Oh well, that’s why there’s Advil.

Ward first dug out the mass of roots we had left as I wrote about in my blog,  Then leveled the dirt a bit before we placed the bottom ties.  We used a level to make sure everything was ‘perfect’.  Next step…2nd row.  We staggered the 2nd row in 4′ in order for the joints not to all end up in the same place and secured the ties with 8″ ardox nails…with a ball peen hammer…ugh.  We giggled quite a bit at this point and decided it must have been ‘windy’, as we seemed to miss the nail head a few times.  I love working with my husband, we laugh a lot.  We were able to put in full 8′ ties and then would insert a 53″ section on the end.




Notice the ‘string’ in the picture.  I would not have thought of that.  So glad my husband was designing this!

We continued with another row, and at this point decided to drill holes and insert re-bar.  Ward used an extension on his drill and was able to drill through the 3 levels of ties…with quite a bit of effort as the tip was a bit dull!  We used approximately 5, 10′ lengths of rebar cut into 5′ lengths in this section, with some shorter pieces on the ends of the 1st row of ties.



We stopped here for the day as Ward decided he needed a new tip for his drill because it was just too dull and required way too much effort.  He made a run to Canadian Tire the following day and we were in action again.  We decided to make our tier 5 ties high, as opposed to the previous height of 4 ties.  The end 8′ of the tier was 5 ties, and had cross pieces extending back to the 3rd tier to break up the tier and create a separate, additional bed.  However, I found it was just something else to step over, so we took that cross piece off and continued the tier straight across.  We added 6, 10′ sections of rebar, cut into 5′ lengths to secure the tier through all 5 levels.  It’s pretty secure!  And that’s it folks…all finished…except for the shovelling. 😦  But we were too pooped to continue and I could do that part on my own.



On Monday I filled in the dirt, being very careful not to step right against the tier.  When I had it filled relatively well, I pushed dirt towards the tier with my foot, about a foot away from the top of the tier to pack it down gradually, then continued adding dirt.  I had to shovel additional dirt at the end of the tier as it was originally packed higher.  Looks pretty good now!



I will update again when I have all my plants in!  I’m so excited…I love that part…happiest when I’m playin’ in the dirt!

“Just A Little Something” we did together.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Flowerbed Complete!”

    1. Thanks! It wasn’t too bad actually. I thought shovelling the dirt out would be worse, but it was ok! It was drilling through ALL the ties…that was a ‘blue’ job! 😉


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