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Mother’s Day Treasures

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s, and to three of the Best Mom’s I’ve ever known…

Our Mom, who is no longer with us, but who I think of so very often.  I miss you Mom, and I love you.

Mom and her girls

My Mother-in-Law, who is so sweet and kind, and I am so grateful she is in my life.  I love you Mom.


My daughter-in-law Rena has to be the most self-less Mom I know.  She is such an awesome mom, so patient, generous with her time and knows her priority is to raise a sweet, sweet boy, which she does.  I love you my other daughter!

My Rena


I’m reflective today as I think about my three kids…adults now.  Ohhh how I love them.  When a mom says ‘they are my life’, she means it; your kids are your life.  My kids mean the world to me.  Years back as a young mom I was so exhausted and I can so relate to all the Facebook Memes that say what Mom’s really wanted for Mother’s Day is to sleep and have a clean house and a day away!  However, I wanted to share the precious gifts I received.

I always received breakfast in bed.  Although I didn’t really get to sleep in, I was greeted with 3 smiling little faces, so excited to surprise me with their culinary skills, which included, but was not limited to:  sometimes soggy or burnt toast, with a little too much jam, crispy blackened bacon, runny or cold scrambled eggs, coffee (of course), with a beautiful hand-made flower (from an egg carton) in a vase.

I was waited on hand-and-foot.  “I’ll get that for you mom!”  I didn’t have to do dishes instead everyone helped drizzle droplets of milk on the floor and smeared crumbs across the counters, pans not quite clean were put away, and the stove with the cooked on egg whites and glistening spatters of bacon, would be fine I assured them, and left for me to chisel off the following day.

The gifts were next.  The beautiful hand made cards filled with white glue and glitter, paper flowers, hand-drawn pictures, and heart filled sentiments.  These were, without a doubt, the…best…cards…ever.  I received hand made rings from cardboard taped together, with ‘stones’ (usually rocks), glued to the top; popsicle jewelry boxes; precious rocks; paper cups filled with paper mache to hold the popsicle stick stems of hand designed flowers; paper flower poetry books; ceramic animals; bracelets and sand blasted glass butterflies (made in Math Class – thank you so much Alzona!), and so many, many more.




It was a contest to see who said “Happy Mother’s Day” first or “I Love You Mom!”, whose gift I would open first, who could open doors for me, who would carry any bags, who sat beside me, who sat on me, who hugged me the hardest (that was fun), who gave me the most kisses (also fun…and slobbery), and who was the best behaved, (or perhaps the most difficult that day).

These days I can chose to sleep whenever I want, to clean my house…or not (it’s usually ‘not’ as I’d rather be in my yard), and I can go wherever I want, whenever I want, unencumbered with strollers or diaper bags, crying babies or cranky kids.  What I want most now is to have those years of Mother’s Days back.  Which is impossible, I know.  So I truly do count my blessings, and thank God everyday for memories, and life experiences, and my three, beautiful, smart, intelligent, funny, wise children.  Bethany, Curtis and Corey…I am so proud of all of you, so thankful God loaned you to me for a time.

My Bethany
My Curtis
My Corey

I love you, forever and always…your Momma.

“Just A Little Something” from a Mom.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Treasures”

  1. Aw, Momma, we love you too, so much! You are the best Mom, we are so incredibly blessed, have been our entire lives.

    And I could make use of my key and wake you up with breakfast in bed again 😉 I’m sure Rocky would help. And I know how to cook eggs decently now!

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