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Oh Goody…Flowerbed / Tier Repairs

Last week was a stellar week!  Went Monday, because it was raining, to pick up landscape ties, rebar, and nails…and last Wednesday was the day.  The day I started digging out the dirt in our 2nd tier of our 4 tier flowerbeds and actually it wasn’t too bad! It only took me an hour and 20 minutes. Then I was too pooped and was being lazy not bending my knees properly, nor remembering to support my back. If you remember my blog about “Gardening: Just Another Day at the Plant” (you can read that here – you will know I am trying to heal up from overdoing it, so I decided to take it a bit easier.  I still had more to do but waited until Friday as we had rain in between.  Which is okay; makes the ground softer…and gave me a day of reprieve.

Last year as we were pulling weeds and ripping out all the overgrowth and walking back and forth on this tier in particular caused it to ‘cave’.  Not good.  The tiers are also rotting which didn’t help at all.

Below are 4 sort of ‘before’ pictures of our broken bed/tier. You can see where I have started digging the dirt out and piling it up against the 3rd tier.





If you notice in the last two pictures in the far right of the frame…there isn’t much digging completed. 😊 I got tired right about there.

I laid down a piece of tarp onto our brick patio to throw the old landscape ties on.  I placed the tarp as close to the gate as I could to make hauling it to the truck easier, without putting it right dead centre where we walk.  Which I seem to be famous for. 😊 Currently, the truck is loaded with new ties, that I have yet to unload.  I also thought the tarp might keep the dog out of it…I don’t think letting Rocky chew on pressure treated lumber would be very good.  I was also hoping to keep the ‘mess’ relatively contained…which it did, despite me dropping a few pieces as I walked.  The ties literally fell apart in my hands.



You can see the gate in the top left corner of the picture above…and Rocky checking out the new smells! I covered the ties with the tarp and put some bags (full of tie scraps) at the ends to block his curious adventures. You will also notice the grey table up against the fence.  That’s suppose to be my potting bench. Ward paints his car parts there.  We often laugh at some of the ‘creations’ he has made on the cardboard that is stapled to the fence to protect it from paint.  I don’t really want a “Corvette Red” fence.

These photos below show the bed with the ties removed!



Well…most of the ties removed.  I did this while Ward was at work and I wanted to make sure I didn’t remove too many, especially on the end tier as I hadn’t completed the shovelling.  I could just imagine the dirt cascading over onto the deck!  Also in the photo above is a bush, which I’d like to keep and beside it is a greenish mass of bush roots from another bush we tried to prune to make it look lovely and it just didn’t happen. We cut it down and that’s as far as we got.  I left that for Ward to remove. 😊 It’s a blue job. (My daughter-in-law informed me there are ‘pink’ jobs for ladies, and ‘blue’ jobs for men.) Somehow her jobs, and mine, are more… ‘purple’. 😊


Another bonus, I was able to dig out the roots of two terrible, terrible, invasive plants. One is bind weed, which looks very similar to Morning Glory…


and the other is Chameleon Plant.


Both of these little turkeys spread like crazy and have roots down 2 to 4 feet or more.

I tried to take a close up of the pile of roots I collected.  The first photo there are two piles, one in the mid-left of the frame in the 3rd tier, and one in the bottom right of the frame.  Not great shots, but you get the idea.


You will also notice in the picture above many rocks. Those are the rocks I moved not once, not twice, but three times to get them to their current location…and I still have to move them one…more…time. (Job number 4012 on our list. 😊)


Its kind of hard to tell but basically the roots remind me of worms. Tapeworms.  I know…gross.  Very gross.

This was Phase One…stay tuned for Phase Two…the completion!  I love my husband.  🙂

“Just A Little Something” I’m working on.


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