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National Jelly Bean Day!

Who da thunk it! A National Celebration I can really get behind! Today, April 22nd, is known as National Jelly Bean Day!  Well, at least in the United States…but I can dream…it is listed occasionally as a Canadian celebration apparently too, so…I’m gonna take up my banner and do my part. 😊  I LOVE jelly beans…and many other sweets as you may have noticed in some of my previous blogs.

Fans gathering tossed Jelly Beans to throw…again!

Jelly Beans have become a tradition at Easter, obviously, because of their ‘egg shape’, and even made somewhat famous by The Beatles.  In an interview, George Harrison had noted he liked ‘jelly babies’.  Fans, not knowing what jelly babies were, or perhaps not able to find them, instead purchased and then threw jelly beans onto the stage…and inadvertently ended up pelting the rock stars…which kinda hurt.  In a subsequent interview, George stated, in an effort to stop this madness, “We don’t like jelly babies, or fruit gums for that matter, so think how we feel standing on stage trying to dodge the stuff, before you throw some more at us.” 😊 😊  Poor George.  Jelly beans apparently, were also a favourite of President Ronald Reagan, who started eating them to help him stop smoking. (

I enjoy the traditional jelly beans, and while I do like Jelly Belly brand, I am not a fan of all the flavours, such as cantaloupe, toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn, for example.  Perhaps those fans of Harry Potter enjoy Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean. Flavors such as Earwax, Vomit and Bogeys. 😊


There does seem to be a bit of confusion as to who created the delicious Jelly Bean, and no, it wasn’t the Easter Bunny.

“William Schrafft, a Boston confectioner, introduced jelly beans to the public in 1861. It was during this time that he urged people to send his jelly beans to soldiers during the American Civil War.  Today, most historians contend that jelly beans were first linked with celebrations of Easter in the 1930s for their egg-like shape.”

Others conclude that “the original bean was inspired by the sweet candy known as Turkish delight, comprised of rich fruit and powdered sugar.  Perhaps the development was someone trying to find a less messy and more portable version of this already popular treat.”

Has anyone ever had Turkish delight?  It is wonderful.  On the way home from a Basketball Tournament in Calgary, in Corey’s Grade 12 year, we stopped in Nanton. When I say ‘we’ I mean myself, Corey, and 2 of his teammates.  They were thrilled as… we were stopping at the Nanton Candy Store.

Nanton Candy Store

If you have never been to the Candy Store there, make it a priority.  (Nanton, by the way, has other interesting places to visit, such as Historic Main street and Antique & Art Walk of Alberta, Bomber Command Museum and Visitor Info Centre, unique Shops and Bookstores and again, I must stress the many, many Antique shops…it really is something to see).

We browsed, and browsed, as by the photo below, it is a huge store.  And then it happened…I found Turkish delight.

turkish delight

I was so excited! The boys were like, “…cool…” and continued browsing. They just did not seem to share my excitement, my joy at this reminiscent, blast-from-the-past, Deja-Vu event that I was sure occurred because God had orchestrated this perfect cosmic alignment so that I might have this blissful opportunity to relive this wonderful, life-changing experience and share it with these young men who had never been blessed with such a gift.  Fine…I’ll purchase a package and share them and then they will become believers.

After wandering the store for what seemed like hours, because it is huge, we made our selections and purchases.

Upon entering the vehicle I shared this wondrous treat, convinced they would think they had died and gone to heaven.  Nope.  The responses were varied… “Yeah, it’s ok”. “Kinda sugary”.  Kinda sugary?  Are you kidding me!  It’s candy!  What were you expecting, vegetables?  Each one of the boys graciously finished their treat and moved on to their own indulgences…and I ate my Turkish delight by myself…all of it…there were only 3 pieces left which kinda irked me, because the 3 I’d given away could have been appreciated by a REAL connoisseur.

Today, in honor of National Jelly Bean Day, I must do my part and purchase a small bag of jelly beans.  It’s the least I can do…but I’m not sharing.

“Just A Little Something” to sweeten your day.

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