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Rain Showers: A Traveller’s Dream

We have had just a little bit of rain over the past few weeks…but I’m not complaining, honest. If you read my Blog, The Cost of a Used Shovel, you will know we have had a lot of snow. A record amount of snow. And now, nowwww, we’ve had a lot of rain…and I can’t get into my flowerbeds. So yes, I guess this is me complaining. 😊 However, I have mastered the art of using an umbrella, and a raincoat so all is well.

I wasn’t always that adept at handling an umbrella. Let me tell you a story.

Bethany and Curtis went on the school French Trip, during different years, travelling to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec.   Parents were permitted to go as well, however, I stayed home as I always had one or two kidlets behind, and thought, well this will be fine, when Corey goes on the French Trip I will too. Didn’t happen. Corey did not like French class; and therefore, I didn’t go on the trip. One Easter break, I decided it was time I saw those sites, and Bethany was game, so off we went to Montreal and Quebec.

Mom and Bethany – Old Montreal


We had a fantastic time, and of course a few shenanigans and funnies along the way. The day I want to share with you is when we were to visit the BioDome. We were getting ready and I kept hearing this sound and thought, Holy Guacamole Batman, traffic is really bad. Wasn’t traffic…rain. But we were undeterred, no quitters here. Off we went, armed with umbrellas walking to the Metro Station (which is an adventure in itself I must say. If you’ve never been you have to see it, amazing artwork…and the Metro is super fast). Since my daughter is the best planner in the entire world she had mapped out where all the stations are, where we need to get on, where we need to get off. It was marvelous. However, she has my sense of direction, which is none, so between the two of us we inevitably chose the wrong way. Yep, should have brought Curtis. When he was 4 he tells me I’m driving the wrong way when taking supper to the field. 4 years old. Yeah…my little human compass.

We figured out which way we should be going, make the necessary route adjustments, but find we are definitely in a bad part of town. Sketchy individuals standing in doorways checking us over (maybe we looked sketchy), garbage all over, some definite drug use happening, one gentleman was peeing up against a wall…I could go on and on. Meanwhile, I am formulating plans of different ways to use my umbrella as a weapon. I had been holding my camera, which at times felt like it weighed 40 pounds but now I consider that an advantage. I have wrapped the strap around my hand, ready to swing it at someone should the situation arise. However, it is now raining too hard to leave the camera out, so I discard that as a weapon of choice. I am making Bethany walk on the outside of the sidewalk, so she is farthest away from would-be thugs. Yep, Momma Bear. We get to the end of the block, turn the corner and we see construction that has blocked off the street. We take another jog in our journey and are now in a business district, great! One business offered ‘Sex…24 hours’. Well that’s perfect. I was praying like crazy that God would protect us, and decide we need a cab. Right then, a cab comes by. Thank you God. I must have looked like a lunatic: I’m soaking wet, my shoes are squishing when I walk, my hair looks like a wet mop, my face is freshly washed from the rain, therefore makeup-less, which in itself is scary, and I’m wielding by umbrella like a beacon to get his attention, yeah, no lunatic here. The driver has pity on us, stops, we jump in, tell him where we want to go…and he drives 2 blocks. TWO BLOCKS!!! Oh My Dog…we were so close!

wet dog

We hop on the Metro and breathe. It felt so good to sit down…and watch the puddles form around us as the water dripped from our clothing; hoping people didn’t think we had had ‘an accident’. We get to the BioDome and hallelujah it has quit raining…however, God must have thought we missed southern Alberta and its wind and it is b l o w I n g…h a r d. Dorothy and little Toto come to mind. When we disembarked the Metro, I had opened my umbrella to shake the excess water off, and I don’t quite get it closed and SNAP! The umbrella is now inside out…I don’t think it’s suppose to do that. I may have uttered an obscenity here…probably.

We found a washroom, threw the umbrella away, and proceeded to try and dry the water from our hair and wring out our shoes. I felt like I’d peed myself I was so soaked. We did dry off…the BioDome and Butterfly Conservatory is quite humid. Now picture this…I have naturally curly hair. And it got rained on. And then the wind blew. And then I ta-doodled around in a lovely, humid environment. I looked like a sheep on steroids.


We did have a wonderful time at the BioDome, had supper later in Old Montreal and listened to music played by a variety of Street Performers. Oh…and the next day I bought a new umbrella! 😊

‘Just A Little Something’ to make you laugh.

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