Mom-Hood: What Every Executive Wishes They Could Do

I was chatting online today with a new mom.  She's lacking sleep, her baby was fussing in the wee hours...for hours.  I remember myself feeling exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, thinking I just don't have what it takes.  Her words were, "Seriously good for moms who can handle dealing with their kid for 4+ hours while they randomly… Continue reading Mom-Hood: What Every Executive Wishes They Could Do

Home Renovations

Pantry…or China Cabinet? :)

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.  I know my children would be rolling their eyes at the moment, and my husband.  Actually no, he is my biggest fan and would probably say, 'Whatever you think Honey is fine".  He's so sweet. 🙂 If you recall from my post 'Closet Shelving...Nothin' Fancy' I mentioned we… Continue reading Pantry…or China Cabinet? 🙂

British Columbia Life

The Cost of a Used Shovel

When we moved from southern Alberta to BC in 2015, we moved to Langley as we had rented a very lovely Rancher on a beautiful acreage.  We thought it might be a gentler adjustment for us small-town folk.  I remember in December, our first winter there, my husband Ward texting me saying 'It's snowing!'  Actually… Continue reading The Cost of a Used Shovel

Home Renovations

Closet Shelving – Nothin’ Fancy!

When we moved into our new house, all the closets had built-in closet organizers.  Awesome!  Except the one in the spare room was quite rickety.  Our painters suggested it be removed, and we agreed.  Now though, I'm left with an empty closet...and I need all the storage I can get. Earlier I had refinished an old ladder I had… Continue reading Closet Shelving – Nothin’ Fancy!