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Mirror, Mirror

Remember my post about Baking?  ‘Batter…the New Hair Gel?’  This is similar.  You know that little voice inside your head that says, ‘Maybe not today Sandra’?  Or when you know it’s a Monday and there are certain things you should not do?  Also, have I mentioned I’m impatient?   Proper safety attire was adhered to throughout this process.  Safety glasses, gloves, shoes and proper clothing; well, I was completely dressed at least.

When we purchased our home, a previous owner had glued a mirror onto the outside of one of the bedroom doors right at the end of the hallway.  Now when it was open, it wasn’t so bad.  But when it was closed, you scared yourself half to death; there was a person staring at you!  It was freaky.  Finally I decided the mirror must go.  I had watched a You Tube video on how one couple removed a glued-on mirror, and they had success in taping the mirror, then prying it away from the wall.  This is my attempt at the same.


It wasn’t the same.  I had a few Issues.

I ended up using the claw part of a hammer and a screwdriver to pry the mirror away. I ended up randomly hammering parts of the glass in order to remove the sections.  And it splintered, and cracked, wherever there was glue.  There was quite a bit of glue.  2 hours later…the mirror was off.  Now I must mention here I should have reviewed the video one more time before attempting this.  The video had also noted the use of a heat gun to warm the glue, making it simpler to pry the mirror away.  I forgot that part…I really do not know where my head was that day, but I do know, it was a Monday.  Let’s go with that.

You are probably also wondering why, oh why, did she not remove the door??  I tried…and I tried.  The plan was to remove the door, take it to the garage, lay it onto saw horses with a thick tarp underneath.  Remove the glass, dispose of glass, sand any offending particles, patch, prime, and paint.  That didn’t happen.  And I’m impatient so I just went with it. Let’s recap the issues, shall we?

Issue One:  It was a Monday.

Issue Two:  I could not remove the door.

Issue Three:  I could not find the tarp, so I used a very light plastic drop cloth.  (insert eye roll here).  It wasn’t good.  The plastic ripped, obviously, and I had glass scattered from H-e-double toothpicks- to-Breakfast.  (A saying of my mom’s).  I had some brains that day in that I managed to bring up a box from the garage to place said glass into…but the box had holes…(eyeroll insertion please).

Issue Four:  How am I going to move the box of glass through the house without leaving a trail of breadcrumbs marking my journey?  Brainwave!  (At least there was one that day).  The large plastic garbage can.  I transferred the glass from the box into the garbage can, which I should have used in the first place.

I am now vacuuming the tiny glass shards, and vacuuming, and vacuuming.  I now decide I need to shower so I do not distribute glass throughout the house, because I am covered.  I did have the good sense to cover my head with a scarf.  Freshly showered I now decide to sand off the glue.

Issue Five:  The glue is not coming off by hand-sanding.  I am also stubborn.  I decide to use the power sander and it has a dust bag attachment; perfect.

Issue Six:  I cannot find the dust bag attachment.  I, (because I am a can-do gal), use a Ziploc secured with a hair elastic.  I’m nothing if not inventive.  I begin sanding and the glue is coming off…with alot of elbow grease.  It’s then that I look up and see a haze.  I’m hoping it’s just a little dust on my glasses.  It’s not.

Issue Seven:  Unbeknownst to me, the bag has come off the sander, but it seems it was not properly performing it’s duty anyway.  (My husband later informs me you must use the sandpaper that has the holes in it, in order for the dust to enter into the bag).  Now there is dust everywhere.  I persevere.  I finish sanding, and strip off my clothes again and shower, so as not to spread my little ‘Pig Pen’ cloud of dust (a Charlie Brown reference) throughout the house.  I now begin to vacuum again, the entire room as well as, wipe off the tv and stand, the night table, the futon, the hamper, wipe down the walls with a damp mop, and throw yesterdays freshly washed bedding into the dryer to remove the dust (I’m tired by this time, give me a break).

I am pretty much done like dinner at this point.  The dog is as well, because this entire time he has been in his kennel, whining at me because he can see me, but I could not have him prancing around in the glass.  I let him out and he helps me mud the door.  (next eye roll here).  During the ‘prying off’ process, I managed to ‘gouge’ the door a number of times, along with punching a hole in the door with the hammer.  I did not intend to do that, and no, I was not angry, just vigorously attempting to crack the glass to assist in the removal process.  It’s a hollow door.


This is the first coat of mud.  That was it for me.  I went and had a nap.  The following day, I sanded, applied a second coat of mud, sanded again, then primed, and top coated.  I was up at 5:00 am that day.  It was pay back from the dog for keeping him in his kennel for 4 hours the prior day.  On the upside…I finished the door.  Looks pretty good.


Next time, I think I’ll just buy a new door.  ‘Just A Little Something’ I learned.


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. Hahahahahaha Ha! More patients than me Sam! I would have gave up and thrown the hole lot in the dump and gone without a door and all!


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