Batter…A New Hair Gel Trend?

You know those times when you should have stayed in bed?  Stopped while you were ahead?  Because sometimes…just sometimes…things don’t always go as planned.


In December it was day 2 of baking for me and I should have quit while I was ahead. I was making about the 5th batch of baking that day and I burnt the macadamia nuts and coconut I was toasting…no big deal, I had extra so did it again and it worked out.  Now this is where I should have paused and thought perhaps that was enough for one time.  But no, not me, I’m a list maker…and I had a goal.

I was mixing batter and the cord fell out of my hand mixer, so…I plugged the cord back into the mixer…and the mixer was on…and the mixer was in mid air…loaded with batter.  Batter Everywhere!  But the funniest part?  It Was On The Dog!  It was on his ears, his face, and a big glob on his back.  And he’s oblivious…he’s busy licking the floor.  It was on the coffeemaker, the toothpicks the salt…and me…my arms, my face.


My response?  All I said was “Oh!”  A rather shocked “Oh!”  And I had sense enough to shut the mixer off.  When I saw the dog I started to laugh.  The dog thought I’d lost it at this point.  I grabbed a clean cloth, (why a clean cloth I have no idea…I mean really, it’s the dog) and set about wiping the batter off Rocky.  He didn’t care, he was on a mission.  And it saved me wiping up the floor for now.  Got him cleaned, well, clean enough, and wiped my arms, and neck and face…with the same cloth I cleaned the dog with.  What is wrong with me?

I wiped any misappropriated batter off a variety of surfaces and about an hour later I finished up the cookies.  I felt I was done for the day and went to change my clothes and comb my hair…yep, there too! Rocky and I matched as Ward commented the dog looked like he had gel in his hair. 🙂

‘Just a Little Something’ funny to brighten your day.





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