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Pantry…or China Cabinet? :)

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.  I know my children would be rolling their eyes at the moment, and my husband.  Actually no, he is my biggest fan and would probably say, ‘Whatever you think Honey is fine”.  He’s so sweet. 🙂

If you recall from my post ‘Closet Shelving…Nothin’ Fancy’ I mentioned we had our house painted prior to moving in.  All the closets had built-in storage, but we removed one as it was somewhat precarious.  Now, I should have done the same thing with the closet that had been made into a pantry. But I didn’t.  I thought I could ‘fix it’ and it would be fine.  All the shelves were hanging on by a wing and a prayer, except the bottom one.  So I painted the shelves, then filled the old holes, looked for studs, and drilled, and filled those holes, look for studs again, drilled, filled those holes…you get the picture.  Could not find studs.  We gave up that idea and decided to purchase metal shelving to go on the back wall.   Or so we thought.  Same darn thing.  We could not find studs where the stud finder indicated there were studs. So I scraped that idea, filled those holes, repainted, and decided to purchase the metal clip-together storage cubes shown in the picture below.


Now while these are pretty handy little cubes, they are not exactly conducive to pantry life.  You can configure the cubes in a variety of ways, but the two sets I ordered would not fit the width of the pantry as the measurements provided did not allow for the size of the ‘clips’…so my cube set was more of a tower…kinda like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  It was as if you were playing a game of Jenga when you were retrieving an item from, or placing an item onto, the shelving unit.

Finally I had enough.  So…on December 22nd, because who doesn’t decide to unload their entire pantry onto their dining room table, rip apart a closet, then cut wood outside in the cold and make multiple trips back and forth to the house, 3 days before Christmas, right?  Off I went.

I ended up building a rectangle, that would slide in and ‘sit’ on top of the bottom supports already in the closet.  The only supports that were actually in studs.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the rectangle through to the existing bottom supports and secured the rectangle to the supports with screws.  I know it’s not exactly how the professionals do it, but sometimes you gotta go with whatcha got.  I then cut supports for the remaining shelves, (excluding the top and bottom, as that was my outer rectangle).  I pre-drilled holes into the rectangle and the supports and secured them to the rectangle with screws.


As I was using some bare wood, I primed the entire unit.  I built the unit and primed it in one day, and the following day I painted it with my top coat.  I let it dry overnight, and on the morning of December 24th, I placed my shelves…with a little pounding of my hand for assistance, and reloaded my new pantry.

Ta Da!  And there it is.  You can see in the picture on the left above, I hung my handy Swiffer Vac and my vacuum is stored on the floor below.  In the right hand picture, we have this funky little jag in the closet that is basically wall space, so I hung my duster and mop, and my apron is on the opposite little wall to the right of the door.  Pretty handy!

And then a week later, I changed my mind.  (Insert eye roll here)  I decided to move my china.  I have a wall of drawers in my kitchen, and another mini wall of drawers and half are filled with my china.  It seems odd to go to the hallway to retrieve an item from the pantry, and it’s the exact same amount of steps to go to the drawers, as it is to go to the hallway.  But it just seemed to make more sense to have all the ‘pantry’ items in the kitchen.  When I mentioned this to Ward he did comment he had finally figured out where everything was kept, but added, “Whatever you think is best Honey”.  So I moved everything…one day when my hubby was at work. 🙂

The picture on the left is part of the u-shape of the kitchen and has drawers down the right hand side, the mini wall of drawers.  This counter is directly across from the fridge, which you can see in the picture on the right.  And that is my wall of drawers.

And this is now my China Cabinet/Cleaning Closet.  The first 4 shelves are china, the 5th holds appliances too large for my kitchen cupboards, the 6th is for cleaners, and I still have my vacuum on the bottom.  Awesome!

Even Ward likes the new ‘placement’ of items. I’m quite happy with how the storage worked out, and I even ended up with more room in my kitchen cupboards.  How does that work?  ‘Just A Little Something’ I learned.

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