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Closet Shelving – Nothin’ Fancy!

When we moved into our new house, all the closets had built-in closet organizers.  Awesome!  Except the one in the spare room was quite rickety.  Our painters suggested it be removed, and we agreed.  Now though, I’m left with an empty closet…and I need all the storage I can get.

Earlier I had refinished an old ladder I had bought at a garage sale…for $5.  Nice!  I was hoping to use it for a display in my shop…that never materialized…and then decided I could use it to display my Christmas Village.  I had cut boards to fit across the steps for shelves.  You can see it in the picture below.  I set it up in our current living room, (the picture below is at our prior home), set the boards up on it and it was just way too big.  I still have the ladder, and I may take it apart and use it to store quilts or blankets…somewhere…sometime…not sure yet…but just can’t quite get rid of it.  I did however use the two longest and widest planks from the bottom, to build my closet shelving/divider.

First I located and marked the studs in the closet, determined the height of my top shelf, and then pre-drilled holes into both the wall and the 1″ trim that I screwed to the sides and back of the closet.  The trim creates about a 1/2″ wide ‘ledge’ to act as support for the shelf to sit on.  This area is the raised ‘taupe’ coloured boards you see in the photo below.


I then painted the supports to match the wall color.  I still have not painted the brown shelf you can see above!  It has a layer of clear coat on it and it’s quite nice, so I didn’t bother.  Now I wish I had…next winter’s project!

I cut my shelf piece 1/4″ shy of the full width required, for ease of placement.  I then pre-drilled holes into the shelf from the top, and screwed the shelf to the support boards below for stability.

I then needed a centre support.  After determining I still needed to allow for space to store our portable air conditioner, (pictured below left), I left room to ensure it could be wheeled in and out easily.  I then measured the height from the floor to the shelf, cut my board the appropriate height…which took a 2nd cut to get it right…and then some sanding…but I did it!  I slid the board under the shelf and then carefully predrilled holes into the centre of the top shelf to secure it to the divider/centre board.  Again, this provided stability and it does not budge.  Even my husband was impressed!

I apologize for the dark picture, but I think you get the idea.  I know it doesn’t match and now that really bothers me, so I will have to paint the shelf and centre support. 😦

I still wanted guests to be able to use the closet so I installed plastic closet rod mounts, screwed them into the shelf support and the opposite wall, cut a piece of closet doweling to fit, and covered it with a plastic shower rod cover, so the hangars slide easily. (I know!  Neat idea isn’t it?)

I also purchase a handy little closet gizmo that lets you have two hanging sections.


Again, I apologize for the dark picture.  I guess my blackout drapes really work!  Just kidding, I did open them, but it’s a cloudy day.

And there you have it folks.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  If I can do it anyone can.  It’s ‘Just A Little Something’ I learned.

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