Grandma’s Garden

When writing my Blog ‘Grandma’s Dumbwaiter’ it stirred other memories of life at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

My Grandparents farmed, a mixed farm, with both grain and livestock.  They had cows, and pigs, and chickens, and horses; not sure if there was other animals.  I did not like the chickens…’cause they pecked you.  I definitely did not like gathering eggs, but I went and pretended I was being helpful.  Grandma in her apron with her pail for the eggs and she’d just push the hens out of the way, and they’d usually let her, with a squawk.  The rooster was the worst!  He’d chase you…must be a guy thing.  😉

Grandma had the largest garden I have ever seen.  Growing up in southern Alberta, Hutterian Brethren Colonies have large gardens, Grandma’s was a close second.  It always reminded me of the story of Peter Rabbit.  Grandpa and Grandma had a wood gate that you opened to get into their yard and up the walk to the house.  I can still hear the creak of the gate on its hinges.  But they also had a fenced garden with caragana trees surrounding it, and of course a gate.  It was every child’s dream to think ‘This is just like Mr. McGregor’s Garden!  If I open that gate, maybe I will see Peter Rabbit.’  I never did of course, but it was fun to pretend.  The garden also meant work, so of course when we stayed with our Grandparents for two weeks in the summer, we helped.  Well, perhaps it wasn’t always fruitful help, but we tried.  I remember picking peas, and eating fresh peas right in the garden.  ‘Grandma, I had to check to see if they were ready.’ 🙂  Uh huh.  We’d work in the garden in the morning while it was cool and then into the house in the afternoon.


I remember one afternoon Colleen (my sister) and I were going to shell peas.  Grandma had to help Grandpa outside, or perhaps they’d gone to town, whatever, but either way, we were distinctly  told to shell the peas in the kitchen.  Which we did not do.  We wanted to watch t.v., and thought, well we will just shell them in the living room; what could happen?  I also remember Colleen telling me to be careful…which I was not.  I accidentally kicked the bowl of peas…all over the green living room rug.  Oh dear…we were busy ‘picking’ peas again.  We didn’t quite manage to get them all and when Grandma came in the gig was up.  I know one thing…I learned ‘Just A Little Something’ from Grandma that day. 🙂

Love you Grandma.

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