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Last of the Bathroom Upgrades!!!

All I really had left to finish was to hang the cupboard doors which required new hinges, in black, and some lovely white knobs for contrast.  Then…the mirror.  I believe I saw on Pinterest where someone used wainscoting as trim, with some really pretty cornice squares for the corners, and glued it – with No More Nails – to the mirror.  Cool idea!  We had thought of removing the mirror and cutting it down, as it was quite large; the original builder grade mirror.  However, upon investigation, it was not just glued, but painted to the wall.  Remember all those different coats of paint I mentioned I found when removing the silicone.  Yeah…I did not really want to be left with a mess of drywall to patch so I decided to leave the mirror the size it was and just glue on the trim.

Off to Home Depot…they know me there by name I think…and I retrieved the appropriate trim.  Because the mirror is attached using ‘mirror clips’ which extend past the surface of the mirror, I decided to lay some 1 3/4″ trim I had left over that I used to trim the bathroom cupboard doors.  I figured I would glue the 1 3/4″ trim on, and then glue the wainscoting trim over top.  The trim is about 1/2″ deep, which was enough to ensure it was flush with the mirror clips.


If you notice in the picture, the board on the right is lower…that’s because until the glue sets, it slides, so you really have to take your time and keep adjusting the position of the boards.  It wasn’t difficult, but just so you know if you think you’re going to slap on the glue and stick the board up and have it stay…that’s not what happens.  Once that was completed, I cut the wainscoting trim boards, taking out the measurement for the square corner cornices, and glued all to the trim boards.  And again, you glue one board at a time, ensuring you adjust it until the glue has time to set.  I used a level to keep everything square.

Great idea.   Or so I thought…I recall the girl on Pinterest explaining to be careful to paint all sides of the trim as you will be able to see those reflected into the mirror.  Although you cannot see it in this picture on the left, one of the corner backs was painted, and the other 3 were not…and I realized that after they were very firmly glued.  Well now…how’s that gonna work?  After much deliberation…and paint smeared on the mirror, I ended up using a Q-tip!  Yep!  A q-tip…who knew?  I bent it to a little ‘L’ shape, dipped it in my paint, and painted the back…almost drip free. 🙂

It was at this point when I attached my wainscoting that I also realized…you could see my trim boards I used underneath the wainscoting in the mirror.  Peeerrrrrfect.  As I had left a ‘gap’ where the mirror clip was, (in 4 places) it was not one continuous piece of trim under the wainscoting…and it looked bad.  Reeeaalllly bad.   I tried filling it in with smaller pieces of trim…still looked awful, as you could see all the edges of each cut I had made.  Hmmmm…so, back to Home Depot and I purchased two pieces of 1/4 round and literally ‘dropped’ one down in the gap behind the wainscoting at the bottom, and glued another piece of 1/4 round above in the gap at the top of the mirror!  Voila!  Problem solved.  I must say…I was feeling pretty smart right about then…tired…but pretty smart.  Actually, I think my brain hurt.  (You can see the 1/4 round in the picture on the right above).

Top and bottom trim added

Mirror all complete!  I gave it a top coat of white satin finish we had leftover from the Painters that was used for all of the baseboard and window trim.  The other issue I had was when I initially purchased the wainscoting, my measurements were for a mirror half that size.  Therefore when we decided to keep the full size mirror, I had to go to Home Depot for more trim…and bought a different style.  (‘Eyeroll’).  Of course I did…3 trips to Home Depot for one mirror.  I used the trim on the sides and it looks fine…you don’t even notice it.  Unless you have read my Blog and then come to my house.

Notice the lovely little white knobs.  I love them!  The final touch was to purchase a black shower curtain, put up black towels, that I already had, and the best purchase?  My $1.25 frames from Dollarama, for some prints I purchased on a trip with my daughter to Montreal/Quebec…I’ve only had the prints for 7 years…’Just A Little Something’ I thought I should keep. 😉


I should also mention I started this project on December 27th…and finished it January 1st.  Not bad.  Next time, I’ll share you with my Pantry and Closet escapades!


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