Home Renovations

Bathroom Upgrade!

DAY 1:

I’m going to share with you a recent ‘upgrade’ I did to our main bath.  Now, I am no carpenter.  In fact, I’m sure my Grandpa would be shaking his head if he saw some of the things I did!

This is the ‘before’ photo:

Now it’s not a horrible bathroom…it’s just kinda…boring.  Beige, beige, beige.  So…I decided to perk it up a little bit.  I started with the countertop.    I looked and searched and read and after much ado, decided to use a product called ‘Giani’.  It is a paint product for laminate and other countertop finishes with an automotive grade clear coat.  I spoke with a gentleman at a local paint store here who has carried the product for many years, and his customers have had great success.

Another product I was going to use was Stone Effects.  However, I was a little concerned with applying the clear coat, as it was more of an epoxy coating…which is very thick.  Now if you notice in the picture, the counter curves up and forms a back splash, and also curves down above the cupboard doors.   Hmmmm…all I could picture was a drippy mess, and wondered how you got the epoxy to stick on the vertical portion of the back splash and without it pooling onto the counter below it.  Apparently this was an issue, and now some stores are no longer carrying this product.  I have read some blogs of individuals, who are much more skilled than myself, who made it work and it was just fine; but they did have to be diligent in wiping away the excess that pooled from the backsplash onto the counter.  That didn’t sound like something I wanted to do so I decided to go with Giani.  (By the way, I am not being paid by Giani to review their product, it’s just what I used.)

Giani gives you great directions, both written and a video to watch, so I am only going to hit the high points here.  Sometimes their directions contradicted each other, so I found a happy medium and went with it.  You can look at the Giani products online at  http://www.gianigranite.com.

Alright, so first things first…I had to peel off the silicone…that took wwwwaaaaayyyyy longer than I thought, and if I had been smart, I would have done that the night before so I could have gotten onto priming and perhaps started sponging…however, I didn’t, so this took me an extra day than the 2 (some reviews said 3) days it is suppose to take.  Actually, it took me 6…but that’s another story! 🙂

The trick with silicone is to cut along the back and front sides of the silicone.  About an hour into this I figured that out. (‘Eyeroll’)  I believe this is the original countertop in the bathroom and therefore the wall above the backsplash has many coats of paint…and therefore many layers of silicone; it seems previous owners just kept piling the silicone thicker and thicker…don’t do that.  When you paint, it’s better to remove the silicone, (unless it’s paintable and you feel you don’t need to redo the silicone), rather than piling it up.  Also, along the right-hand side of the counter against the wall, there was a substantial gap…like 1/2 an inch…that they filled with silicone.  I cleaned that out, then filled and sanded as best as I could and then used the counter color to cover up my handiwork.  You’d never know the gap was there!  Sorry, but I don’t have any pics of the gap.

Giani product is about 4 major steps; 5 when you include the prep work.  1.  Remove the silicone, clean the counter with an SOS pad, rinse thoroughly, tape.  2.  Prime – wait 8 hours to dry.  4.  Sponge on your 3 colours…this could mean 4 hours dry time between each color.  5.  Two Top coats, waiting 4 hours between.

After removing the silicone, I followed the directions  in regards to cleaning, taping, hanging paper over my cupboard fronts, and placing a drop cloth on the floor.  Now I was finally ready to prime.  The Giani kit colour I purchased was Bombay Black.  I originally was going to go with the White Diamond but it had to be ordered and I was impatient!

And there you have it.  Primed!  The only complaint I have is I wasn’t crazy about the supplied roller.  It seemed to ‘stick’ when it should have been rolling.  Also, you were suppose to cut in with a sponge brush which I didn’t really like.  It didn’t leave enough paint.  And then, on Day 2, things went a little awry…dum dum dummmmm!  ‘Just A Little Something’ to keep you ‘tuned-in’. 😉




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