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Bathroom Upgrade Day 3, 4, 5 and 6!

Ready to tackle the clear coat!  But first, I had to re-sponge the areas I had to re-prime, after my sanding fiasco on Day 2.  That took 10 minutes and then I let it dry 2 full hours.

I applied the first coat of Clear Coat, and as I mentioned on Day 1 of ‘Bathroom Upgrade’ the clear coat is an automotive grade, therefore it is suppose to harden really well.  I used the supplied roller and again had a little trouble getting the roller to ‘roll’ and not stick.  I wasn’t really happy with the track marks it left, however I thought I might be able to sand them out.  Again, a 4 hour wait and a light sand…and I got the track marks out…and lifted more paint!  Oh my goodness, gracious, Mavis May!  (I have no idea who Mavis May is, just something I say)

So back to priming and re-sponging and waiting…only waited 4 hours this time, and then I touched up the clear coat.  Now I know at this point you are probably thinking, ‘This Giani product doesn’t sound really great.”  No, seriously, it’s the applicatorme.  I so wish I could insert laughing/crying eyes in here like Facebook, because really, it is funny.  I do believe there is something to edging with the sponge brush combined with remnants of silicone in the corner/crease as these are the areas that lifted.

The 4th Day I applied the second coat and then removed the tape…and yes, I had to touch up around the sink, but I kind of figured that would happen.  Rarely, very rarely, do I ever tape something and not have it run under the tape.  It was just a matter of touching up with a brush for both the sponging and the clear coat.  Giani also advises to let it sit overnight, and while you can ‘use’ the bathroom counter the following day, they advise you let it ‘cure’ an additional 24 hours before you set anything of any weight, on the countertop.  By day 5, my husband was pretty glad when he got ‘his’ bathroom back!          (I actually did not complete the touch-ups around the sink until Day 6! 🙂

Just so you know, in between drying times, I was working on something else.  I wanted to spruce up the cabinet, so removed the doors and drawers and painted them  black using Behr Marquee ‘Limousine Leather’ in a gloss…I wanted a little ‘shine’ in the room.  If you notice in the picture below, the cabinets are a flat front…which I thought was a little boring and thought some trim would perk it up a bit.

Cupboards before…flat front

I added 1 3/4″ trim in a ‘shaker’ style (basically because I didn’t want to learn how to make an angle cut), and glued them on…yes, glued…with No More Nails.  That also worked great.

I filled and sanded the joints, which is why I didn’t paint the trim before hand.  It was a little fiddly painting in the corners and therefore the fronts of the cabinets have alot of paint on them.  After the countertop was finished I then painted the base of the cabinet with the Behr Marquee ‘Limousine Leather’ as well.

I commissioned the help of my awesome husband, who is excellent at spray painting.  Me…not so much.  He spray painted the towel racks a matte black, (I removed them and he painted them in the garage) to match the light fixture, and then I taped and hung cardboard around the medicine cabinet and the toilet paper roll holder.  The toilet paper holder is the old ceramic style,  that is set into the wall.  The medicine cabinet had about 47 coats of paint on the side and top…niiiiccceeee.  Ward primed the areas first, and then followed with a couple light coats of matte black.

Notice the lovely cardboard!  Hey, you do what you gotta do!

We had the entire house painted when we moved in and other than the 3 bedrooms and the laundry room, it is all one colour, Sherman Williams Muslin.  The bedrooms are Sherman Williams ‘Cotswold’ which is a taupe, or ‘coffee with cream’ colour.  I had extra of the Cotswold so I painted the bathroom with that, which added a nice contrast to the room.

Wow!  See the change already!  Had to post the Before picture again.  Next post…‘Just A Little Something’ I did with the mirror. 🙂


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