Home Renovations

Bathroom Upgrade…Day 2

Because it was so late in the day on Day 1, I did not start sponging until Day 2.    Giani supplies you with a sea sponge which you cut to different sizes and use to apply the 3 different colours of paint.

The Bombay Black kit comes with 3 colours, as I said, besides the black primer.  White Mica, Midnight Black, and Bronze.  As I wanted my countertop more white than black, I really sponged on the White Mica.  Not thick, but rather multiple light coats.  This was the longest step and basically when I finished with the white (which took me about an hour) I waited another hour then I sponged on some Midnight Black, waited 2 hours and then applied a few accents of the Bronze, just to highlight.  Its really all about personal taste.  They do supply a practice paper and that was really helpful.  It helped me to see the importance of sponging straight up and down, as well as remembering to ‘dab off’ my sponge after dipping it, to remove the excess…otherwise you have more paint in an area than you want.  I also went back over some areas again with the White Mica if I felt too much of the black primer showed through, or I had gotten a little carried away with the Midnight Black.

Giani also suggested using a ‘stiff’ paint brush to ‘sponge’ the paint up along the backsplash against the wall and in the ‘curve’ where the backsplash meets the counter.  I did this and it worked great.

It is rather hard to see…I’m not a great photographer, but it turned out quite well!  Even my husband was pleasantly surprised!  He told me later he was a little skeptical, but said it does really look like granite; some people think it looks like marble.

I was so excited…onto the clear coat!  First I was to lightly sand the painted surface to take away any paint bumps before I applied the clear coat.  However, this is where I had a little problem…I discovered I had not removed all the silicone as the paint came right off!  Oh dear!  (That may not have been exactly what I said).  So…I sanded those areas, and thanks to my hubbies input, wiped the offending area down with rubbing alcohol, and that really helped remove the silicone.  Its a tricky little gaffer.  The affected area was just a few spots along the back splash and a spot on the counter.  I re-primed, but this time I used my go-to Purdy paintbrush; waaaaaayyyy better paint application than the sponge.  I did however, sponge over it lightly to get rid of the brush strokes.  After that…I went to bed…gotta leave ‘Just A Little Something’ for tomorrow.



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