British Columbia Life

Beautiful British Columbia


                                                    View from the ‘Promenade’ at White Rock, BC

In my ‘About’ page, I talked a little about our move to British Columbia.  We moved in May of 2015 and so far have experienced some ‘not normal’ weather.  The summer of 2015 was unseasonably hot.  We moved May 9 and I don’t think we had any rain until September, maybe August.  That summer also saw a record breaking wind storm.  We had a fairly normal winter…although BC-ians will say it was cold (for us it was fine).  Then the summer of 2016 was apparently quite rainy…we didn’t mind this…but I also remember working a few Farmer’s Markets where it was hot!  One day in Yarrow…38!  Oh Mylanta!  Then came the winter of 2016/2017…snow!  Apparently Record Breaking Snow.

Now my Alberta friends were gleeful…it seems I may have rubbed a bit of salt into the wound on a near constant basis, posting pictures of beautiful flowers, green grass and trees, sunny days, deck pictures…you get the idea…while they were still dealing with snow, and wind. 🙂  Although I don’t believe in karma…you can see what some people think may have occurred. 😦  I received multiple posts about how ‘sad’ they were for my situation (insert eye roll here).

My new BC friends however had a different reaction…they blamed us for bringing this horrible weather with us!  Honestly people, it just isn’t so!  We left Alberta to avoid all this.  Some even commented that we ‘probably feel more at home’.  No!  This is what we wanted to avoid!  At all cost!

Upon learning of our impending move, a number of my Alberta friends said, ‘Ohhhh no, it will rain there all the time.  You won’t like that.’  Or, ‘Its a different kind of cold, it will cut right through you.  A damp cold.’  Or, ‘There is way less sunny days in BC than there is in Alberta’.  All of which are relatively true…however, in two years, the rain has not bothered us; the cold is not -30 with a -40 windchill, and we do have enough sunny days to see us through, and the most important two items?  The wind does not blow almost non-stop and you don’t have to shovel rain. 🙂

Beautiful British Columbia…a perfect Tourism slogan and ‘Just A Little Something’ we call home.


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